How to tone down too hot chili.

by Penny
(New York, NY, USA)

Hi Johan

I am a very keen chili cook, but my exuberance tends to get the better of me. So often I really mess up by making my chili dish too hot for my guests (mostly my family). How do I "cool" it down again? Is it possible to do such a thing?


Thanks in advance



Hi Penny

This is really a question that I get asked time and again. So much so that I have dedicated a whole web page on the subject.

Whilst my answers are by no means exhaustive - it works for me. There might be some more hints from other readers who might want to share.

You will find it by following the navigation button "useful Tips" on the left of this page and then "How to tone down chili heat" or just follow the added link below:

How To Tone It Down

Keep up the exuberance... and happy Chili Cooking!


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